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With a mission to expose more girls in Africa to technology at a young age, and amplify impact in the continent and world at large. Our team of committed, motivated and fired up to visionaries works tirelessly to ensure that the STEAM sector gets to a point where girls are as involved as or even more than boys are. We are joined together by an unwavering passion of creating more opportunities for girls in the STEAM sector and making sure that enough girls are interested to fill those opportunities.

Meet the people who with humility and just sheer unyielding belief have managed to take this dream and shape it into the beautiful success it is and is continuing to be. The Shecodes For Change team is really one of a kind, and the culture and atmosphere here is really great because everybody is passionate and commited to making a noticable impact.

Our Founder

Abella Bateyunga is the founder and C.E.O of She Codes For Change.

I decided to take leap and influence young girls to delve into technological innovation for community change and let me just tell you, it was worth every little bit just to see the amount of transformation that happens in these girls' lives. I mean some come here without the littlest clue and when they leave they can create a usable product. If that's not a cause worth backing I don't know what

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Board of directors

Godfrey Nyombi
Rose Funja
Jumanne Mtambalike

Our staff

Simon Mutabazi
Project Manager
Rehema Mtandika
Hub Manager
Doreen Bateyunga
Logistics Lead
Mujuni Baitan
Ebenhard Oswald
Leroy Sanyi
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